"We developed Austin City Lofts in downtown Austin a few years ago. We hired Marla Henderson and her firm to do the interior design work for the common areas of the condominium project. She did an outstanding job in the selection of the furnishings. We received numerous awards for the project and she was a vital part of the project's success. She had a great eye for clean design and the use of natural materials. She is very talented and I would recommend her highly."

- Rob Cibulka, CLB Partners

"I have known and appreciated Marla's work for many years. She is a creative and talented individual with a great eye for design. I hired her to help me with my home on Long Island. At the time, she was living in Georgia, but traveled to and from the site. I call her the 'nomadic designer.' She is always up for adventure and going where she is inspired. Marla is resourceful, bold, and her designs transcend trends. She creates spaces that help people feel their best."

- Alec Baldwin, NBC Universal

"We hired Marla as a consultant to elevate all areas of our food program. She did an impressive job by scouting a respected and well-known chef (Tony Seichrist) for us to hire. She spearheaded the development of our one acre organic garden, found a full-time gardener to manage it, and started a WWOOF intern program (World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms). She is a natural publicist, arranging articles as well as generating a lot of 'word of mouth' buzz."

- Mary Ferguson, Greyfield Inn

"Interior Designer does not encompass Marla's approach to creating environments. She's an atmospheric alchemist with a genuine, almost involuntary ability to craft living spaces. Marla communicates through an ethereal blend of visual, tactile and aromatic essences. She reveres the primal forces of nature. As such, she transcends the line between interior space and the natural world, ultimately conjuring environments that both awaken the senses and sooth the soul."

- Jessica Lutz

"Will Robinson and I had hired an architect to help create some beauty, character, and substance to a 1980’s soulless Chelsea condo apartment. However, we fired that architect about ten months into the project because he kept ignoring our budget and storage needs. Even though some of the architect’s plans helped, we were left with a space that was very cold hearted and still lacked the aesthetics and character we wanted in our home. Several weeks later, Marla presented Will and I with a fantastic plan in the form of a comprehensive book which was thoroughly organized for every area of the apartment that we hired her to work on. We started off small, doing some of the recommendations from the book and then gained confidence as we saw our apartment slowly become imaginatively transformed. When we began to see how wonderfully each new recommendation was changing our living space, there was no stopping us; we wanted to do every part of Marla’s plan. I have since sold my apartment achieving the highest paid price yet in our building, higher even than the penthouse apartments that sold only several months before. Hearing over and over again the remarks from prospective buyers such as 'it’s like House and Garden' and 'your place is really well done!' is testimony to Marla’s beautiful work."

- Adam Cohen

"Marla came to our Rye, NY home soon after we purchased it in September 96. She transformed a sterile, conservative property into something we found very hard to part with. Marla gave me the confidence to be adventurous by introducing me to and educating me on so many aspects of design. Whoever is lucky enough to work with Marla will certainly be dealing with a very special person."  

- Martine L. Moir

"Marla is thoughtful and so artful in her approach.  She loves texture, the outdoors, authenticity, luxury and simplicity. My husband and I feel very blessed that we had the opportunity to get to know Marla on a deeper level than just someone helping us decorate. She took on our quirky personalities and truly hand crafted and created our home…tailored specifically to us, not a design template. We both had strong opinions about what we needed and desired in our home. Miraculously she was able to strike that perfect harmony…creating a beautiful space while allowing both of our styles to be voiced.

- Suzie Prince

"We moved into our new home about 8 months ago and from the start I struggled with colors, furniture placement, and where to place my wall art.  For months, I was constantly changing my mind, moving and rearranging (and driving my husband crazy).  After interviewing us, Marla was able to effectively organize our art work and furniture and offered many helpful suggestions. Spending just a few hours with her in one day rearranging and making decisions made me feel incredibly settled.  It’s amazing how her energy and ideas made me feel tranquil and comfortable."

- Marise Parent

"I loved working with Marla. It was a very personal experience. She took the time to understand my family, our wants and our needs. Then we jumped right in! We moved things around, she helped me remember what I loved about things I bought years ago and she brought life back into my home. Marla turned what had been an overwhelming chore into something inspiring and fun." 

- Lauren Firestone